A Man, A Truck, and A Dream

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As the premier fully-integrated transportation and supply chain logistics company, Ryder combines experience and expertise with strategic relationships positioning itself as the industry leader. Ryder works behind the scenes every day to deliver solutions for companies so they can focus on their core businesses.

Trends Favoring Outsourcing:

  • Rising cost and challenges of fleet ownership including uptime, maintenance, and implementing advanced vehicle technology
  • Increased supply chain complexity due to the “now economy” requires dynamic, integrated solutions
  • Compliance requirements related to environmental and safety regulations – such as new emissions standards and the ELD Mandate
  • Shortage of qualified drivers, warehouse talent, and maintenance technicians

Customers New to Outsourcing

A key driver of our growth is from companies outsourcing for the first time

40% of new lease sales from companies new to outsourcing
Record Sales Results in 2017
6th consecutive year of lease fleet growth