Ryder Truck Design

Transportation Thought Leader Driving Growth Opportunities

Ryder is leading the way with electric and autonomous vehicles through strategic partnerships and targeted investments

Advanced Vehicle Technologies

Ryder is the exclusive sales agent and maintenance provider for multiple vehicle manufacturers – driving new revenue opportunities for Ryder and an expanded product portfolio for our customers

In 2017, W.B. Mason leased its first electric, range-extended vehicle from Ryder

Range on a Single Charge 120 MI
Emissions Reduced By 75%
Fuel Efficiency 40 MPGe

Technology & Analytics Adding Capabilities and Driving Efficiencies

Provide customers with tools to optimize supply chain performance


Cloud-based, neutral integration platform drives operating efficiencies

  • Visibility

    Provides real-time views across all modes including dedicated, private fleet, for-hire, freight brokerage, and rail

  • Tracking

    Estimates time of arrival

  • Alerts

    Identifies, reports, and notifies shipper of exceptions

  • Analytics

    Offers on-time performance reports and load validation


Asset sharing platform that enables customers to monetize idle vehicles or source excess capacity

Customer facing, mobile application for finding Ryder locations, viewing contracted fuel rates, and scheduling vehicle maintenance, with additional features planned

In-Vehicle Technology Improving Safety Performance

DriveCam® program enhances Ryder’s safety program by combining data and video analytics with real-time driver feedback and coaching

Lytx® Safety Technology

Installed on all DTS and SCS vehicles in 2017 - technology aimed at reducing collisions and getting drivers home safely, while also providing a cost-benefit to Ryder and its customers

Smart Warehouse Deploying automation to create efficiencies

Ryder’s smart warehouse incorporates a strategic mix of innovative technologies that includes robotics and automation, sensors and automatic identification tools, wearable and mobile technology, and drones, in order to deliver end-to-end execution, control, and agility.

20% Improved Efficiency
100% End-to-End Visibility
20% Operating Cost Savings
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