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Q&A FMS VIDEO With Dennis Cooke, President Global FMS

Fleet Management Solutions

Fleet Management Solutions (FMS) encompasses everything from commercial vehicle rental and leasing, to flexible maintenance solutions, including on-site and mobile options, as well as used vehicle sales. Related offerings include safety products, fuel, and fleet protection products such as liability coverage and physical damage waivers.

FMS Fact Sheet FMS Special Report: Benefits of Leasing vs. Owning
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Q&A DTS VIDEO With John Diez, President DTS

Dedicated Transportation Solutions

Dedicated Transportation Solutions (DTS) combines Ryder’s fleet leasing and maintenance capabilities with professional drivers, specialized equipment and product handling, plus administrative and engineering support. Value-added services provided by Ryder’s drivers enable our customers to deliver on promises to their customers.

DTS Fact Sheet DTS Special Report: Private Fleet vs. Dedicated
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Q&A SCS VIDEO With Steve Sensing, President Global SCS

Supply Chain Solutions

Supply Chain Solutions (SCS) optimizes customers’ logistics networks by providing them with services that include warehousing, distribution management, cross-docking, transportation management, cross border and returns handling. Specialized expertise allows us to meet the unique needs of key industries including automotive, retail, consumer packaged goods, industrial, and hi-tech.

SCS Fact Sheet SCS Special Report: The “Amazon Effect” and your Supply Chain