Over 7,000 of the Safest Professional Drivers

Many of our drivers wear the uniforms of our customers, serving as the face of our customers to their customers. We continually train our drivers and equip their vehicles with new safety technologies. And each year we recognize our safest drivers, many of whom have driven more than a million miles without an accident or a ticket.

Over 5,000 Well-trained Commercial Vehicle Technicians

Ryder is leading the way in the use of advanced fuels, such as natural gas, hybrids, fully electric, and even hydrogen fuel cell technologies. It takes intensive training, mechanical expertise, and extensive computer skills of a Ryder technician to keep these vehicles operating safely, sustainably, and with a high-degree of uptime for our customers.

250 of the Brightest Logistics Engineers

What will supply chains look like in the future? Just look at what Ryder engineers are working on today. Their commitment to continuous improvement is so strong that elements of the future are being integrated into our customers’ supply chains every day.

8,300 of the Most Efficient Warehouse Employees

With over 40 million square feet of warehousing operations, Ryder knows what it takes to keep things arriving on time. It’s about people, trained in the best LEAN processes, equipped with the right technology, and collaborating as effective teams.

Thousands of Talented Operations, Sales and Support Specialists

Our solutions are driven by thousands of diverse and talented Ryder team members who operate behind the scenes helping to make our customers more efficient and successful. We’re connected by a common culture of service, collaboration, and continuous improvement that enables us to innovate, add value, and contribute to our customers’ success.