2019 Ryder Annual Review for Shareholders

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Karen Jones, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer


"Disruption is occurring at a more rapid pace than ever before in the world of transportation and logistics. Ryder’s focus can’t be just on this year or the next. The focus for us is making sure we’re looking at what’s coming down the pike five, ten years from now. That’s where the biggest opportunities for growth are, both for us and our customers."


Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

Karen Jones, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer
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The Future of Logistics The future of logistics is now – learn how Ryder fits in

THE WORLD IS MOVING from physical to digital, wasteful to sustainable, delayed to instantaneous, and from manual to automated. The pace and gravity of this change is forcing companies to re-think how they do business to ensure success in the future. That’s where Ryder fits in.

Advanced Vehicle Technology

WE ARE LEVERAGING OUR RELATIONSHIPS with manufacturers of advanced fuel vehicles such as electric and hydrogen fuel cells, strengthening our leadership in advanced vehicle technology while expanding our ability to provide customers with the most flexibility, choice, and control for their fleet.

And because electrification and charging infrastructure is the biggest barrier for companies to move to an electric fleet, we have partnered with energy companies that not only provide charging infrastructure for businesses’ fleet, but also assess their power usage through their supply chain to harness their electric grid and save money.

150 miles on a single charge

End-to-end charging infrastructure

Strategic EV partnerships

E-commerce Fulfillment Network and Ryder Last Mile

OUR E-COMMERCE SOLUTION is built on world-class fulfillment centers, best-in-class technology, and an agnostic network of trusted carriers.

With two-day delivery to over 95% of the U.S. and Canada, our premium big and bulky last mile logistics solution gives businesses extended market reach with predictable costs, network visibility, and consistent customer satisfaction.

Two-day delivery for 95% of US and Canada

109 e-commerce hubs

Real-time visibility

Digital Products and Technologies

  • COOP by Ryder™ is a first of its kind platform providing fleet operators and single-truck owners a way to monetize idle vehicle capacity and source excess capacity when needed. COOP launched in Atlanta in 2018, and has now expanded throughout Georgia, Florida and the Dallas/Fort Worth markets.
  • RyderShare™ is the ultimate open digital platform for real-time visibility of goods moving across the entire supply chain. Enabling the sharing of data with all involved parties to make decisions and take action on exceptions in the transit of goods.
  • RyderGyde™ connects users and their vehicles to Ryder maintenance facilities, enabling technicians to be prepared to service the vehicles when they arrive, minimizing downtime.
  • Ryder OpsBox™ provides a centralized data and analytics platform for distribution and labor management decision making and optimization.
  • RyderView™ gives manufacturers, retailers, consumers, and distributors real-time visibility into the delivery of products, as well as provides capacity management, intelligent routing, carrier tracking, and the ability to self-schedule deliveries.
  • RyderDrive™ enables communications between truck drivers, managers, and dispatchers, to streamline trip management and automate operations at transportation hubs.
Animated view of RyderShare visibility

Real-time supply chain visibility provided by RyderShareTM

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The Digital Supply Chain

TECHNOLOGIES SEAMLESSLY INTEGRATE with our best in class warehouse management and transportation management systems to digitize supply chains.  Data collected from one source can be combined with data collected from another and turned into business intelligence used for predictive analytics and closed-loop planning.

Big Data Analytics

CONNECTED TRUCKS have the ability to provide a plethora of data that translates into business intelligence and key predictive analytics with the right people utilizing it. Ryder is helping businesses collect and utilize this data to determine the condition of their vehicles, where goods are, how to manage exceptions, and what new business strategies to develop.

The Smart Warehouse

RYDER IS PARTNERING with leading technology companies to prioritize four types of innovative technologies most applicable to creating and supporting an automated smart warehouse: robotics, sensors, wearables, and drones.

  • Robotics such as autonomous forklifts, tuggers, transporters, and assembly line vehicles provide a safe, efficient and reliable solution for the movement of goods in a warehouse, while improving productivity, visibility, and customer service levels.
  • Sensors and identification tools automatically locate and profile supply chain objects to capture and communicate data across the supply chain.
  • Wearable technology gives managers and employees the capability to exchange data between devices and the network.
  • Drones have many uses in the smart warehouse including inventory management, facility management and security.
Warehouse employee using scanning equipment Robot moving boxes in warehouse