2020 Ryder Annual Review for Shareholders

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“Innovation is how we help our customers win and how we will grow our business.

That means continuing to be at the forefront of technology that allows for greater visibility and transparency in the logistics and transportation industry, as well as streamlining experiences for the end consumer.


Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

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Karen Jones

Karen Jones, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

Innovative Technology

Ryder’s strategy is to lead the change by investing in new technologies that create customer centric solutions and drive impact. It’s how we provide companies visibility to proactively manage exceptions in the movement of goods through the supply chain. How we turn big data into business intelligence and predictive analytics. And, how we connect multiple people to collaborate in real-time to solve in minutes, what previously took days or weeks to fix.

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E-commerce Fulfillment

At Ryder, our e-commerce fulfillment solutions were built to keep your supply chain evolving. Built on innovation and best practices, our solution allows you to gain greater control of product selection, inventory management, and customer service; all while maintaining critical speed-to-market. And, we do it with unmatched accuracy, on-time delivery, and satisfaction, allowing you to focus on growing your operation.

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Advanced Vehicle Technology

Advanced Vehicle Technology extends through the total vehicle to subsystems such as the engine and trailers, fuel systems, and dashboards. As a leader in transportation and logistics, Ryder works closely with providers and equipment manufacturers to build innovative fleet solutions – from total vehicle customization to maintenance options – to shape the future of the industry. This provides companies with the most flexibility, choice, and control in fleet management as well as advanced solutions to help reach sustainability goals and lowering the overall total cost of ownership.

EV Truck

COOP by Ryder®

COOP by Ryder® is a commercial vehicle sharing platform that links fleet owners with idle vehicles to trusted businesses in need of rental vehicles. COOP’s mission is to make trucks easily shareable for everyone everywhere, affording fleet owners the opportunity to generate revenue from their idle vehicles and providing businesses with an alternative source of rental vehicles.

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RyderGyde™ is the only app of its kind that allows managers and drivers to easily manage their fleets from one device. This includes Electronic Logging Device data, Electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports, fuel receipts, and other once manual paperwork that would take several hours to complete. RyderGyde connects users and their vehicles to modernized Ryder maintenance facilities, enabling technicians to be prepared to service the vehicles when they arrive, minimizing downtime.

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Through RyderVentures, a $50 million corporate venture capital fund, we’re investing in innovative companies creating the technology and applications that will drive the industry forward. We are providing more than funding. With our breadth and depth, companies not only work with our operations and logistics experts, but also benefit from our customer base and large sales force. This leads to greater visibility, the ability to perfect your technology in real use cases, and quicker adoption of products.

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